Here are some of the locations we have planned along with the estimated buy In amount and annual maintenance fees.

Phoenix/Scottsdale: $8,000 Buy In, $250/yr Maintenance Fee

Los Angeles: $10,000 Buy In, $300/yr Maintenance Fee

New York: $10,000 Buy In, $350/yr Maintenance Fee

Once these 3 properties are established, we will expand to other cities and then possibly internationally and owners will be able to trade their week(s) for other locations and/or rent out available weeks at other locations at cheap owner rates…which will be the cost of that properties Maintenance Fee. (i.e. An owner who bought into the Phoenix/Scottsdale property can trade their week for an open week at the Los Angeles property for a nominal $25 trade fee. And, owners can also rent out any other available week(s) at the New York property for the $350 NY Maintenance Fee. Yes, that is a full week for the cost of the Maintenance Fee….a great perk for owners!

Future Locations May Include:

Domestic: San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Providence, Miami, Honolulu, etc. We can start in interest list for any viable city.

International: Mexico, Caribbean, Europe (England, France, Italy, Spain, Greece), Australia, etc.

Visit our FaceBook page to add your name to an interest list.