Finally!  A great way to own a gay timeshare!  Actually, it’s better than a timeshare as the price and the annual maintenance fees are extremely low compared to typical timeshares…plus you get the benefit of vacationing with other gay men!

Own a fractional portion of a million dollar luxury home in one of several vacation destinations.  Your $7,500-10,000 investment buys you a 1-Week Annual Stay in our luxury home with your own private bedroom & bathroom.  Annual fees are a set $250-350/year and cover all expenses.*  (Price varies due to location.  More expensive locations such as LA & NY dictate higher prices.)

You also have the option of purchasing more than 1 room and/or of purchasing more than 1 week if you’d like.

Again, you will have your own (lockable) private bedroom and bathroom. The main part of the luxury house is shared among the other gay fractional owners who are staying during the same week as you.  All will have access to the gourmet kitchen, entertaining living room, and resort like yard, pool & spa. (Yes, the pool area will be clothing optional.)

We will have an onsite house manager to coordinate the reservations and oversee the maintenance of the house.

You choose which week you’d like from the available weeks and that week is reserved for you each and every year for a specific bedroom and private bathroom.  You have the option of trading your set week for any other week for the same property or any property in our portfolio. We’ll have a owner’s blog where all owners can post and coordinate trades. Trades can be made for a $25 trade fee.

Each property will be paid for outright so there’s no financing concerns. Once you sign up for an interest list for a specific city, we will wait to purchase the home until we have enough interest to purchase a suitable house. We can usually purchase a property when we get 100-150 owners who are interested in one location. At that point, your funds will be wired to a title company who will handle the purchase transaction.  The house will be held in the name of an LLC and each fractional owner will be a Member of that LLC.  The LLC status will protect each Member/Owner from personal liability concerns.  Each property will have a sizable maintenance fund of at least $25-50,000 that will be established upon purchase (included in your buy in price) to furnish the property and to allow for ongoing maintenance expenses.  And, the low annual fee will cover annual taxes, annual homeowner’s insurance, monthly utility costs, weekly housekeeping, landscaping & pool service, general supplies for the house and will help increase the maintenance fund year after year so there are no unexpected costs (or assessments) as with typical timeshares.  You also have the option to sell your fractional ownership anytime…for the same price you paid…which maintains the value of your timeshare and guarantees that all owners pay in the same amount. All sales will be handled by the LLC and will cost the seller a nominal $250 transfer fee to handle the paperwork.

Here’s a recap:

  • Cost Savings– you contribute only a fraction of the cost to purchase and maintain a vacation home…typically from $7,500-$10,000 to purchase a home and $250-$350 per year to maintain the home depending on the number of owners, the size of the property and the location of the property. The yearly maintenance fee will go down as more owners buy-in after the purchase of the property.
  • Gay Friends – all owners will be other gay men so you can relax, feel comfortable in your own private vacation home and make new friends from around the globe.
  • Date & Destination Options – individual owners can trade/transfer their designated weeks to other owners of the same property or to owners of other properties within our portfolio to visit vacation homes in other designations. They can also rent available weeks at any location for the cost of that properties’ maintenance fee. (i.e. $350 to rent an open week at the Los Angeles property.)
  • Liability Protection – all owners become members of an LLC and the property is purchased and insured in the LLC’s name providing all individual owners with personal liability protection.
  • Transfer Options – individual owners can leave their fractional home share to their heirs (but can only be used by men) and/or they or their heirs can sell their fractional home share at anytime to qualified buyers for a nominal $250 transfer fee.

Some of the many Vacation Home Share locations are Sedona, AZ, Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ, Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, Denver, CO, Portland, OR, Miami, FL & Honolulu, HI. Eventually, we’d love to add international locations as well.  (Prices vary depending on the locations.) If you have an interest in vacation home share in any city or town, we will start an interest list.

Contact us for more information on this exciting new option to own part of a vacation home in any number of beautiful destinations.

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